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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  September 3, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> accused of whitewash g the video set naught africa. >> here is a clip. >> ♪ >> i can feel the air as it began. ♪ . >> ♪ >> the video includes black people, he had the dollars by a black nan, not at all about clonal i am, but love story on the set of a period film crew in africa 1950. the director released statement in part the reality not only, where people of color in the video, but the key creator who look on this video are people of color, we capped and edited this video, check i havely decided it would be historically inaccurate to load it with more black actors, as the video would a have been accused of rewriting history. >> how is that rewriting history, if it is not about
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colonial i am, but no, what, black africans featured. some, excerpts, but not really featured, not like british colony. so then would you have to have black africans in the video. >> that's the criticism, i guess? >> even, because i know, oh, there is white africans, yes, south africa, but according to the last census, 76% of people in south africa are black africans. so, like how do you do that? how do you rewrite that? >> it is just confuse to go me, too. and he's asian, so he is saying, i'm a minority, there are minorities working behind the scenes, we're just not promptly featured in the video. so i think that people are puzzled by that. remember aloha, done in hey would oh, didn't have in hawaiians in the movie, that got a lot of flack, how are you going to have it movie set
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in hawaii, not have anyone in hawaii in it? >> plagued hollywood for decades, and it continues to rear it ugly head. by the way the director added swift and scott eastwood were the primary focus of this thing, right. >> true. there are a loft other people in the videoment then they say it will be dock in the african parks foundation, which i am sure there are a lot of africans, black africans park rangers, work with that. in the studio maybe? >> maybe. >> you guys figure this one out. >> just saying, but pretty video. >> why go all the way back to africa if you're not hoe casing africa? >> could you could have done that -- >> right. >> okay. >> and making a been stepping all morning. >> hey, mike, how are you doing? >> where are you now?
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>> ninth and callowhill. >> off the bridge to callowhill. >> callowhill. the bridge was harder than i thought, to tell you the truth. now at ninth, tenth, callowhill, then right on broad. then left on spring garden. i think i will take t what time is it? >> 9:03. but by the time you hear this it is will the 04 because there is a long delay. >> i'm going to rest then and get some water. i'm so happy i have this pack on my back, it is called a camelback, it is my daughter's she does a lot of hiking. you sick on the tip. you get water. >> are you sure it is just water in there? >> we're stopped because there is a red light and the car had to stop. >> okay, take a breather. >> a lot of nice support from viewers, i tell that you, encouraging me to cross that bridge. >> someone waived to you on the bridge, tweeted alex, did you wave back?
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>> and we have another good name for you, mike there is one from shannon james. mike? >> and here we go. >> mad dash to the pope's parkway slash. >> that's a long one. >> looks good. >> i guess he is not listening any more. >> he's focused, it's fine. >> i can't really understanded what you are saying, so -- >> okay. >> put it this way. plastic dog toy. >> what? >> knoxville, tennessee. i am just trying to guess what you are asking. >> good guesses. >> purple is my favorite color. >> oh, mine too, wonderful. all right. >> another red light. >> please, give me a ride. >> so many new style i cents mom, choosing the right day err bag, very big deal. >> blake lively, come on, chris, hold on, she has lifestyle e commerce, called pre sever, becoming go to place for sheik moms. star recently pardon end with luxury brand, to create new diaper bag. >> go on? >> you sure?
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>> please. >> okay. before you you get too excited the bag is pretty pricy. so it is name after her eight month old daughter, whose name is james. it is going -- >> wait. the daughter's names is james? >> these hollywood people are so weird. >> why? >> i like ryan reynolds. >> what's wrong with names? >> for girl? >> my name is alex. what are you trying to say. >> my name is chris. >> but james is not a girls name, is it? typically? >> it has to be assigned to augender? no. >> fredericka. >> thank you. >> fredericka is a girls name. james? whatever. >> do you see how this has gotten like -- >> yes. >> by the way, this is interesting. avenue friends, a man named lauren, i'm a chris. >> then why complain about james? >> because that's a boys names. not a girls name. >> or lauren, rolen, but not lauren the way mine is
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spelled. how do you say my up in a? >> lauren? no, you don't, you just said lorn. >> oh, it is 4:00 in the morning, i am half asleep. >> gets us all off track. this bag can double like carry all. not just diaper bag. here is a look at it, sort of, kind of covered up on mike jerrick walking. but it is a red, like, all leather bag, alex. >> guess what, zippers imported from switzerland. >> they are saying this bag can last forever. really well made. >> how much is it again? >> 860. >> jen, do you have 860 for diaper bag? >> no, i don't even have 860 for a mortgage. by the way, james is very popular current girls name. they call it jamie. kind of like ted. >> i oh, jamie definitely girls name. in fact, jamie is one of van halen's best songs, but jail say girls name. james is not. >> go on, jen.
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>> moving on about the bag, you can bio buy 1,500-dollar stroller if you want. some women regular women college age women, caring 2,400-dollar purse. listen, if you want something that's super expensive, blake lively might be the one to help you do it. >> because there no doubt about it, she is so fashionable. but realistically, who is buying a 860-dollar diaper bag? i don't think anyone is. and it is interesting now, guys, you know in us weekly, people magazine, you will see my favorite item. you see even like hollywood a lister having one person wearing it to multiple events. >> by the way, he named his kids jill and jest, girls names. hey, mike? >> you know the elevated? kind of dive bar? you know it, not open yet.
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>> great dive bar, the trestle in. fun. dry it sometime. back to you. >> all right, so mike's public crawl continues. how about this? the papal public crawl. >> i don't know how the pope would feel about people showing up on the parkway? >> no, i'm too pooped to pope. >> all right, jen, we apologize. >> look,. >> chris? when you're done -- >> i'm down around -- still on callowhill. i'll take ride on broad street.
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my fee ands fiancee's name is shelly, look at this, the shelly training center. never mind. >> i'm delerious. >> he's hungry, tired you. >> know go a walk through the dessert or something? yes, probably starting to lose it, you know, you see amir and, that kinds of thing? >> i told him to wear a hat. he lathes wearing hats. >> hey, walk by u pen, doctor mike is in there. you might need him. jen, please. your turn to talk over mike, as were you saying? >> that clown, that clown. no, here's what i will say. remember, that many times, a poop i diaper is being put into the bag. a drippy booth some being put into the bag. >> correct. >> so are you, if you're so wealthy orphans i, that you can afford a poop i diaper bag that is $80, i want your job. >> here is the other part of that, right? so you know, because you have
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two little ones, remember, the initial expense of having children? do you have buy not only the crib, assemble, you have two kids, diapers, it goes on and on and on. the breast pump, my goodness, those aren't cheap. then they grow up, you don't need all of this stuff. if you spend 860 bucks on one diaper bag what a ways. >> it is a carry all, you can continue to have it forever. thanks. >> it is a status symbol. >> once you have kids, do you have shell out from the beginning, then worry about college, we don't have to tell you the college expenses, because everybody knows that. >> and the costs continue to rise. >> how about this? $25,000 scholarship now being offered by a website, the website is called porn hub, yes, all do you have is record a video in which you answer the question, how do you strive to make others happy? contest to open to college or grad ooh students end, minimum
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gma, due october 3; halloween day. >> people offended like women should never have to do anything like there is but when i first red it i thought oh, it just says do you have answer a question. it doesn't say what you have to be doing to answer the question. >> but a video, to porn hub. >> why can't alex and i just make a video normally? >> but it is not porno? >> so? what i am saying, there is no instructions saying what the video has to be. >> either way, i don't want a video of me on porn hub at all. >> that's my point. >> but it was for scholarship money, so not like alex is featured in the video on important hub, like alex won $25,000 on a video. >> how would that look? say you're writing your eggs a to get into college, maybe even after you graduate, the employer starts google you, oh, porn hub. >> you don't want to -- no, we don't want that popping up. >> you don't want key word alex holley and key word porn
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hub smoke up? >> no, no, no, i don't think it is a good one. >> how about this? teen hacks his parents phone, answers he want regard throwing a party. hilarious. >> benbrendan, describes himself as respective party host. programmed his parents home to say two phrases, instead of no. so he hack their phones. so dad's phone says where are the girls at. and mom's phone says hell yes instead of no. >> so check this out. so brendan then asks can he throw a party at the house? auto correct took it from there. so this screen shop captured hilarious back and forth that the mom and dad completely confused brendan totally entertained. so check it out, right? >> says hey, guys, can i throw a party tonight? >> mom says hell yes. wait, he's like really? hell yes. no, brendan, wait, what i'm trying to say, then dad says where are the girls at. and like what's going on? and then mom goes i keep saying hell yes. so con futured. >> that's pretty good one. >> that is good.
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>> how do you do that? hack in like that. >> i have no idea. i have seen people take screen shots that don't really exist, so many different like software and apps out there you can do anything on your phone now. my mom, for instance, knows not at all base will you how to work her phone, so coy probably do something like that to her phone, she have no idea. >> my mother would just call me. i said no, i said no, what's going on with this phone? >> some couples are putting a positive spin on divorce. so, there is a new trend, called divorce selfie. >> photos of couples announcing and celebrating their splits with their ex spouse, making the round on social media. so some of the snaps shops, at the courthouse, or, with their divorce certificates, and funny or positive captions about moving forward. couple is saying it shows they can be civil about divorce, and it is not about promoting separation, because they know they have the doubt he is out there, for the kids but i think it is very health.
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>> i if you guys can be amicable, befriends still? hey. >> that part is important, especially with the kids. but doesn't it seem kind of weird? if they were had a that any divorce, couldn't they make the marriage worse? >> some people are better offer friends, some people better off not living together. >> good point. >> seems if you're divorced, take the selfie hey, single. >> couple hashtags did say, that moving onto sink life, you know, marriage ends here, but we're so happy, you know, they made their captions funny. >> so i think it was positive and healthy. >> the fact selfies are really taking over to where as soon as you sign the papers you want to take a selfie outside court, really? >> i know. >> all right, dave? >> they have to put themselves out there. >> true, back on the market. let's do this. >> i i would never do such a thing. i would never even be there, not even there. >> good for you. >> happily married. >> happily married. happily heating up here, temperatures in the 90s,
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looking at more heat. now, the things that will be changing, cooler weather coming in start i friday. few showers out, there and it is the win will be picking up, look for the wind to really start to pick up friday afternoon, and evening. but, saturday, sunday, monday cooler and dry air here, temperatures back to the 80s, temple gahm saturday. perfect timing, great wet they are weekends, no more heat, no more humidity, but does come back. the shorter work week, will start up at 89 degrees on tuesday. wednesday 89, mix every sunday and clouds, so that heat does come back after beautiful three day weekends, lauren? >> we'll take that, pope mania, is now spreading to our four legged friends. we have got e-mail from fox 29 viewer who is getting everyone excited about the papal visit including the dog. i've even gotten pictures people asking me are you going
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to buy diamond a costume, outfit? what are you going do with the dog? we know the rules now, you can't take the dog to go see the pope. people are getting excited, getting the family involved, everyone, including the puppies, chris, alex, tell us about this. >> oh, this is so cute. do do we need to say anything? look at this cute little face. >> that's right. >> do you see this? >> so, you're jack poor ity? >> yes, how are you? >> good. where do you live? >> voorhees, new jersey. >> that's fun. >> that is all fun, yes, always fun. >> tell us about your dog. >> called mandy, mandy poons. tti. we were about 100 descendent out of the pope, there was a pope, the longest running pope back in the 1800s. so, i look on the internet for the outfit. and i made sure that when we go see the pope, that he knows he has a relative of my dog.
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>> you seem like you're out of your minds. >> thank you. >> so fun. >> how many pieces are part of this costume? >> actually three. >> one on the coat, one in the -- one on the drape here, and the hat, and the hat, yes. >> he likes it, he likes it, he wasn't catholic before there is but now he is. >> so he converted? >> he's been converted. >> he will be nice and ready, correct, yes. he'll be ready poortti. >> now, you hope to see the pope? >> i hope to see the pope. we don't have the tickets, but we will come over. i don'ti don't know with the cr, if there are other pets. >> i hate to brick this, they just announced unless it is a service dog with a sign. >> oh, that's what i ways wondering. >> no dogs? >> no dogs. >> so how is mike going to get around. >> oh, like that one.
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>> you know what? i was actually late coming over here, but some guy tried to come and clean my windshield, and asked me for money, it looked just like mike. >> really? >> yes, coming over the bridge. >> let him play on your windshield? >> i gave him $2. >> very nice of you. >> i know. >> i didn't know that, i was wondering about the animals. >> hey, jack, clear something up for me, sir. can a girl be named james? or is that a guy's name? >> i think a girl could be named james, ya. >> i'm wrong again. >> well, it depends, you know, in transgender world, you never know. >> that's true. okay. >> fun out here, right? >> it is beautiful. >> mandy the pope. >> justin bieber clearly missing selena. his tribute to her, new music video, can you spot it? first, let's check back in, on
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our barber, what could kenny be shaving into the back of this boy's head? the big reveal is coming up. and of course, you got to get back out to mike, mike jerrick, how are things going? >> walking in the parkway. >> thank you. >> michael eugene jerrick? >> from the philadelphia nursing home. they want to come by, pick me up. >> what's your name? >> you're pretty. >> thank you, you are too. >> can i have a ride? >> i mean, ya, common. >> okay, i'm done. i'm out. >> no, i got to walk all the way to the parkway bye, pull up next to the van, not kidding, from the philadelphia nursing home. pull up next to him. on the left. >> we'll pull up to mike. >> don't follow directions.
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judge michael, he was starting to get hot. >> it is hot out there. it was hotter yesterday. >> at first he's like i'm not wearing this, but now. >> so a.m. egg, people just joining us, what time did he actually leave? >> started at 8:00 in camden, and he's been walking ever since. so coming up on hour and a half here. >> all right. >> mike? >> oh, my mike, i just keyed his car. oh, oops. >> there you go. >> i just keyed this car. >> how are you doing? >> my mike fell. hey, make sure you spell it with a h. >> we have insurance. >> what's up? >> look at you. >> how are you doing?
9:24 am
>> what's your name. >> stacey guards nerve. >> oh, i know you, how are you doing? let me see your badge. >> okay, what's happening? good to see you. you work at the school district in ready for school? >> absolutely. >> yes? >> yes, yes, yes, getting red. >> i looking good. looking fresh. i'll say hello to bill anderson. it will be right in the back of my head all day. >> hole on, look at this, could i have some, the whole thing of snapple? yum. >> okay. >> it is warm. >> this is like a scene out of mid my cowboy. >> the pope is watching over me. >> i'm walking here. >> someone tweeted we should call this mike holy hike. did you ever see bo finger with eddie murphy. >> by the way, on spring
9:25 am
gardens. >> he has little spring in his step, too. >> you might want to pick up the pace a little bit. >> walking down the street like this. >> no, don't try this at home. >> ridiculous, what is he doing? >> do not walk in the middle of the street. >> big truck. >> mike? >> all right. >> it was worth it to do the channel three joke. >> oh, okay. as long as you got that in. >> i don't know if he'll make it to the end of the show. he? >> give me one of those pepsi's. >> he's not that far away, actually. i think he may have, i don't know what, bob kelly, ten blocks, eight to ten blocks? i don't think he can hear us mike, do you have any water left? >> what happened? >> do you have any water left in your backpack? >> again, i can't understand what you are saying. i'll make up an answer to what i think you said. role cancer, born on -- >> oh, all right. like playing the game of
9:26 am
telephone? >> he gets it all wrong. >> all the way wrong. that's okay, mike, we still love you. we'll check back in with him. we should also check on our barber kenny duncan celebrity barber. what can he be shaving, into the back of this boy's head? almost finished? >> this kid looks thrilled too by the way. >> now he's smiling. we'll come back and have a big reveal. >> first a look at last night's lottery numbers.
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♪ ♪ all the goodness of milk. all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup. squeeze. stir. share.
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. we are checking back with mike. he is taking selfies, yes.
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>> do you owe -- kay, do you take it right there. >> yes. >> we got it. >> look at how sweaty i look, that head band has got to go. i look like olivia newton john, physical, physical. >> is what your name. >> ashley. >> good to see you. thanks for coming out. >> let me hear your body talk. >> yes. >> what do you want. >> i want lemonade. we are stopped at a light here. >> he can hear us now. >> can you hear us now mike, can you understand the words coming out of my mouth. >> i hear you. >> yes. >> do you have any water, what we were asking you before. >> i got 1 liter left in my back. >> keep walking. >> you still have some walking to do. you still have some walking to do. >> we are at 18th and spring garden, taking a left on 19th, as soon as this light changes. >> thanks, mike. >> we have celebrities barber kenney duncan here, welcome.
9:31 am
>> good morning. good to see you. >> you are the stylist, to all of the stars and one of my favorite michael b jordan you have been doing his hair for a while. he was here in philly doing creed. >> it was a wonderful experience. >> every day you are on the set. >> every other day. >> every other day. >> yes. >> right there as well. >> okay, very nice. >> we posted that on instagram. you were here promoting sixth annual barber extravaganza taking place this weekend at unisex hair salon in west philadelphia boys between age of five to 17 can come. >> our goal, to make sure we service a at least 200 kids. >> that is a lot. >> do you this every year. >> yes, our goal to make sure barbers in the community, receiving from the community have an opportunity to give back to the community. >> tell us how this all came about. sometimes you get caught up in your job doing your work but how did you step outside yourself to say this is something we should do in the community. >> we are blessed to be to give a blessing. high profile bash tours donate their time to give back to
9:32 am
their communities. these are all high profile barber. >> 200 doesn't seem like a lot but it is. are people waiting in the line beating down the door. >> we have 20 barbers on deck. it will not be a long wait at all. we have book bags, book from the philadelphia free library for, everybody. it is a wonderful event. activities, food, fun, free haircut. >> thinks part of the 17 days of fashion. celebrity stylist anthony henderson. you have been a big part of this event. >> yes, i'm so glad to team up with kenney duncan. it is all about the 3c's, community, charity and it is going down this sunday. it is an a nation event. >> where will it be. >> it will be in west philadelphia ymca, 52nd and chestnut. >> wonderful. you have been here, doing some work here and we have not revealed it yet but we are ready now to get busy. >> what did you do good we have been putting an image. >> somebody that works here want to learn how to cut hair. we figure why not just do
9:33 am
this. >> who is it. >> it is lauren dawn johnson. >> lauren. >> look at that, come over here. >> go put your face next to the camera. look in the camera. >> my god yes. >> it looks good. >> it is incredible. >> it is looking good. >> how long does it take to do that. >> anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour, depend on how model is able to stay still. >> have you seen it just yet. >> how do you start with that, does it the just visual. >> it starts off with a great picture. >> aren't you sweet. >> she does have a lovely picture. >> tell us, your name, mikhail. >> how long will you keep lauren in the back of your head. >> i don't know. >> we have one more model here. tell me your name. >> henry. >> how old. >> fourteen. >> what were you going to say. >> because we want to make sure that the it weather is, reporting today, you do it
9:34 am
all. >> yes. >> the news, and look at chris murphy. >> i think it is good too because they are a news team, you guys are on from 4c to 6:00 a.m. >> what do you think. >> that is really good. >> amazing. >> how long do you plan to keep chris on the back of your head. >> i plan to keep it until chris makes a good weather report for sunday. >> that may be a a while. >> so, it might be a little bit. >> i wish i could reciprocate and put you on my head. >> you will, okay, let's get him down. >> come on, chris. >> progress. >> yes. >> i'm stopping traffic i'm going to move fast because i'm off the sidewalk. i'm wiggling. i'm almost to the parkway by the way.
9:35 am
i got to get out of the street. this is ridiculous. so i'm on 19th street. are we in a commercial.
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9:38 am
someone give mike a drink or a granola bar, he needs something. >> he said, alex and chris, he has a liter left in his backpack. i don't know how he knows that. he says is there water still in there. >> instead of right before, he got on the court. >> now look at that. >> he is cleaning up the street.
9:39 am
>> what? >> thanks for helping me out. >> is what your name. >> michelle. >> i was walking down 19th street. >> i watch you have morning. >> where are you heading now. >> i'm heading to work 12th and market. >> love you. >> love you too. >> see you tomorrow morning. >> we will be in wildwood, new jersey tomorrow. let me stop traffic here. >> here we go, mike, let's role. >> by mike, he means mike greenwich. >> he is almost there, not too far away. >> we have 18 people. >> we will pick up the pace a little bit. >> where are you exactly. >> i'm on 19th approaching, i guess it would be callowhill, is callowhill go across broad. i'm right by, you know, that apartment building, basically by the barnes museum. >> i can see the barnes. >> you are getting close.
9:40 am
>> i'm here, baby in 20 minutes you are set. >> miranda tweet had you need a walking stick, she says. >> along with an ice truck. >> that will cool you down a little bit. >> okay, i think i started too fast though on the bridge, that is where you have to be careful. >> well, you can stop and rehydrate and then go back on the path. >> does this guy have an oxygen tank or is that a meter guy. never mind. >> how do your feet feel mike jerrick. >> he's getting money out of the meters. >> callowhill and nine event. there is a good bar here. >> i bet his feet are starting to hurt. >> i know where all of the bars are. >> thank you.
9:41 am
>> you have to watch whatever you want to see. >> he hasn't been practicing for this, this is longest he has walk in a long time. >> that is what i need right there. >> hi, how are you doing? can i bureau that? all right. >> oh, my goodness. >> that is not cool. >> that is a question we should ask, that is a question we should ask the the people, the organizers, can you have a rascal or rovers on the bridge. >> i can imagine that you cannot. >> you better check the play book. >> or fox >> what up. >> okay, mike, we will check back in on you. lets get back to breakfast with jen trying to come up with great breakfast ideas to send the kids off to school. >> hi, jen. >> we know ladies don't like tomatoes but there is a a vegetable and it is green that they are willing to eat. she's ready. it is her turn. don't touching, this is just
9:42 am
the the tease, this is tv. by the way ava and brian get to test it out.
9:43 am
do we have anymore chips? [off screen] fellas? uh, sorry. we were day dreaming. about that vip tailgate and game tickets? uh yeah! and that pre-game sideline experience... exactly. or even eagle season tickets! [shouting over crowd] how do you know? you both have the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, the eagles instant game with top prizes of $50,000. and second chance prizes, including season tickets. [both sigh] the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life.
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is he going the right way, what is he doing. >> what is it? >> can i have one? can i see it.
9:45 am
you guys get to the high school there. they have a cooler full of cold drinks. please give me water. >> they will not give you water. >> we can't. >> it is actually their lunch. >> what is going on. >> what a weirdo. >> thanks, girls. >> what high school do you go to. >> hallahan. >> well, that is just real nice. >> are you going to come over and see the pope? are you going to see the pope? they are going to see the pope. ask for forgiveness for not giving me water. >> where do you live. >> i live in northeast philadelphia, going to the penn center. >> good luck. >> i will. >> you are at 1900 jfk. >> we need to check in with
9:46 am
jen. we want to know what works best. >> hey, jen. >> all right. so you guys know how to make eggs. >> yes. >> hey, a little bit more personality, how are you. >> good. >> you are finally awake. what are you going to make with us this morning. >> an egg wrap. >> go make it. we are here with chef brian duffy who happens to be her dad. you have had her cooking before and you say she's. >> good. >> she's good. >> brian, what is it that she's making. >> this is literally just a wrap. we took our whole wheat tortilla, i heated it up in the pan. >> she's supposed to be heating it up. >> she heated it up in the pan, okay. we cooked spinach ahead of time. >> we cook spinach. >> she cooked the spinach this morning for the segment, yes. put that in the in middle of it right over there. >> all right. >> did you see fiona cook spinach, this is television. >> yeah. >> you are such a liar.
9:47 am
>> do you guys like spinach though. >> yeah. >> spinach good, tomatoes bad is that what we learn this morning. >> yes. >> you like the spinach too. >> yeah good what do you like about it. >> the taste. >> you like it because it is, what? >> i don't know, i like it because it tastes good. >> crunchy. >> i like it because it is dry. >> raw spinach. >> come back over here. >> and chef, what is she doing now. >> she's spraying it with pam. >> a little bit of pam, yeah. >> so, good. and then get your eggs in. >> water is already in there. >> she put water in. so i do about a teaspoon of water and three eggs. it gives it a little fluff and steams it. put some spices in. just a touch. >> chef brian duffy. >> it is a spices. >> yes. >> the kid are forced to eat it. >> you have a minute left
9:48 am
girlfriend so you have to make this happen. this is tv. you told her to to what when she's making those eggs. >> there you go. >> she's spinning it and. >> we roll it. >> and that way the whole thing cooks up much faster. and then we fold the edges into the center. >> these girls will be in sixth grade they will be a able to cook for the kids which ace a human that hires baby-sitters, that is a a plus. >> fiona, she went to restaurant school for summer camp. give that another quick spin. >> we don't want to kill ava because her mommies watching and give it one of these. >> thirty seconds left. now tv chef/dad. >> bam. >> and there. >> and give it a quick roll. >> you will try the the hot
9:49 am
one. >> yes. >> you will eat everything in here. >> it is too hot. >> by the way, av thea is here for 32 days. >> you went to the one direction concert. >> yes. >> to see my boyfriend harry. >> turn around. >> other than being on. >> look at her face. >> keep sending ideas to the twitter and by the way seriously and chef, you say. >> it tastes good, awesome. >> back to school ideas, keep them coming. >> don't burn yourself. >> are you still not over it? justin beiber is clearly missing selena gomez. tribute in the new music video can you spot it? >> what do you mean, justin beiber what do you mean.
9:50 am
>> but first, mike, are you still out there. >> we made it. here's the thing, i cannot go much further because 20th, do you see the flag art museum for made in america stage is already up, so i cannot go too much further so i say we made it. when we come back i'll give you my analysis of my walk, the the pope path, what do we call it. >> we are still coming up with name. >> jerrick's journey. >> we will be right back.
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
is justin beiber over his ex if you look close at his video do you notice anything? well, the love interests looks like selena. >> yes. >> but that is only one piece of evidence. >> am i supposed to read, yes. >> there was a picture that had selena gomez name. it is spray painted on the
9:54 am
wall in the video. >> it could not be more obvious. >> apparently it says love and hope next to it. oh, is he still loving her and hoping they will get back together. >> hatch tag selena. >> well, i have not seen this whole video. >> how long were they together for a long time. they are so young. >> they keep going back and forth. >> mike has been making his pope trek. he is trying to see what it is like for people to go when they come see the pope when he comes to philadelphia from camden all the way to the art museum. >> you cannot get cars into center city near ben franklin parkway so you have to walk from camden to the art museum where pope will be. >> so we have some highlights of mike's walk, lets take a walk. >> ♪ >> i may have mistimed this i am not sure i can make it to the art museum, i'm not even
9:55 am
on the bridge yet. >> pace yourself. >> nobody told me about the the stairs. >> we will show you more when we get back from the break. >> i'm still tweeting out here and a woman just tweeted me and said you look like bus stop buddy's big brother. >> so i think i'll make it. so what time sit. >> 9:03. >> please give me a ride. >> is what up. >> walking to the parkway. >> thank you. >> michael eugene jerrick. >> they are from the philadelphia nursing home, philadelphia nursing home they want to come by and pick me up. >> look at that, he is cleaning up the street.
9:56 am
>> he has arrived. >> he made it. >> so, it can be done. if i could do it, i guess anybody can do it. there is where the pope will be at the cathedral there. you know the story we did about the prayer knot there are 30,000 of them and they go up to the top of the cathedral. so people are, writing down their troubles in their life, and then the pope will look at them and try to help. >> so we dit. here's the analysis. this is what i have learn. i need to go back to the gym. it can be done. i would just be careful with the bridge. that is the most difficult part of it the because half of it is almost 2 miles long, half of it is uphill. so take that slowly. i think i took it too fast.
9:57 am
but it can be done. that was fun. >> it must be said as we draw an analogy here that your body is your temple. >> exactly. >> i have learn that my body is no longer a temple, it is more like a loading dock, just debris and everything else. >> you were denied water. >> yes. >> hey mike, can you come over here for a second. >> what is your question. >> how are your feet. >> i know what he will do. >> i'm fine. >> it is hot. what is he doing. >> you made it, you serve identify. >> mike jerrick made it. >> he did it.
9:58 am
>> that was great he will need some epson salt. >> we have it all, cooling off.
9:59 am
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